Words from the Soul

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Seeking Wilder
There is nothing sweeter
There is nothing sweeter Apr 12, 2022

Than the taste of my hearts truth as it washes over my tongue and out my lips.  

For years I allowed bitterness to brew, swallowing down the truths of my heart that made their way towards my throat. 

My mind became the the jailer of my truth, as though on repeat I would hear


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Seeking Wilder
I look at her and I’m in awe of her joy
I look at her and I’m in awe of her joy Mar 22, 2022

The way her heart radiates through her eyes, the way her soul greets you before her words ever do. 

I look at her and I’m in awe of her strength. 

The way it glistens through the cheekiness she can’t quite contain. 

I look at her and I’m instantly infatuated, for...

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Seeking Wilder
I feel like I’m drying out
I feel like I’m drying out Mar 17, 2022

I said as I plunged myself into the cold water, aching for reprieve.

Though the water could not grant me nourishment, it could not soothe the aching of my bones.

For my dehydration was not from the lack of days spent in the sea.

The drying out began when I stripped myself out of my soulskin, when I...

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Seeking Wilder
It gets to be easy
It gets to be easy Mar 07, 2022

It gets to be easy has become the hum of my life lately.

A mantra on repeat in the back of my mind, embedding the reminder of the endless possibilities in life.

See I used to believe I was not made for an easy life, that if something good happened something bad was sure to follow, I was always...

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Seeking Wilder
The Sun and Moon dance in Pisces
The Sun and Moon dance in Pisces Mar 03, 2022

The Sun and Moon dance in Pisces in the dark sky and I can hear the oceans the call. 

 It sings of treasure to be discovered in its depths, awaiting only those willing to face the immense pressure to retrieve it. 

And oh how I ache to dive, to meet the shadowed reflections of...

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Seeking Wilder
I sit with my heart
I sit with my heart Mar 02, 2022

I sit with my heart in a way it has always longed for me to, in a way I once feared. 

Be scared but do it any way, the voice within me calls. And I wonder why is it that we fear connecting with the fullest expression of our hearts? Why is it that fear arises when we ask to witness the...

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Seeking Wilder
I was never made to be contained
I was never made to be contained Feb 28, 2022

I’ve been reading over my past writings, pouring over the words that have poured out of me over the past nine years.

And I marvel at the way everything has changed, how many phases I have moved through over that time, how transformation has been my only consistency.

I fall in love all...

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The moon is full and I am missing you. Mar 18, 2019

They say you die twice. Once when your soul leaves your body, and finally when your name is spoken for the last time. 


So I will speak your name every day of my life. 


And one day I will speak and they will hear your words through my mouth, and they will know you. 


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I always believed in soulmates. Jan 11, 2019

I always believed in soulmates. 

A deep knowing that there were portions of my soul out there to be unlocked by another. 
I relished the lessons I learnt from love. 

Understanding that each time my heart shattered it healed stronger and wiser. 

Yet I was not ready for forever when...

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They don’t tell you that grief hits harder on the days you thrive. Jan 04, 2019

That on days the sun feels the sweetest, you will ache to have them there beside you to feel it’s warmth. 

You never completely move on from a loss, you simply learn to step forward. 

What I wouldn’t give to have even just 5 minutes with you now. To hear your voice and feel...

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Her Lady of Shallot Dec 27, 2018

My Granny called me her ‘Lady of Shallot’, both enamoured with the poem I would write it out in the letters I sent to her.

A print of the majestic painting inspired by our beloved poem hung in my room as a child, now hanging in my healing room, it has always been my favourite.


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There is a place for you. Dec 17, 2018

I used to see others succeeding and honestly believe that meant there was no room for me.

Allowing self doubt and fear to rule my life, I would tell myself ‘well they’ve done it, so now there is not point in trying.’

It takes work, determination, patience, love, and time to...

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