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I sit with my heart

I sit with my heart

Mar 02, 2022

I sit with my heart in a way it has always longed for me to, in a way I once feared. 

Be scared but do it any way, the voice within me calls. And I wonder why is it that we fear connecting with the fullest expression of our hearts? Why is it that fear arises when we ask to witness the magnitude of our hearts power. 

My mind was moulded at a young age to believe that God only had the answers, and I could only hear those answers through the mouths of men. 

I now laugh at the absurdity that I am anything less than divine, for I have never met god in the mouth of a man, and no answers that ever fully satiated me were found in a book. 

I sit with my heart as she cracks open, aching to reveal the universal truth held within. For my heart has never been confined by time or space, restrictions have never been placed on her endless possibility. 

I ask for my heart to reveal the fullest expression of its power, and I write as she speaks

As old and certain as the tides, you flow in and out of the magnitude of your power, never subsiding it completely. 

Not one for absolutes, rather destined for the deliciousness to just be, to flow, and form and move, and inspire the souls drawn towards you. 

Evolution becomes you, even the smallest grittiest fragments of your heart truths become pearls, marvelled by generations, placed upon sovereignty. 

There is no beginning and no end to your hearts path, no rigid regalities, simply the unending call to always turn to the fullness of your hearts love. 

I lead now, with my heart. 


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