$222.00 AUD

The Soul Reset Experience

A Two Day Experience to hit the pause button, move stuck & stagnant energy, nourish your soul, and feel alive & connected again.


❌This isn't a masterclass on fluffy self-care practices like "taking a bath" or “treating yourself” to de-stress - you've probably already done that.

❌This isn't a masterclass on irradicating "hustle mode" as a quick fix to feeling alive again.

❌This isn't a masterclass on “how you have to love yourself” before you can love anyone else.

If that was all your soul needed - you wouldn’t be here. Sometimes, we need a little more. And that’s where I come in….

This is a 2-hour experience which uses astrology, emotional embodiment and energetic healing to give your soul a much needed reset…SO THAT YOU CAN:

❤‍🔥 Feel deep peace and fulfilment in every season - not just the ones you’re hustling and thriving.
❤‍🔥 Have unshakable self-trust and clarity as clear as crystal.
❤‍🔥 Take action in a way that feels aligned, grounded, easeful and nourishing AF.


✨Your different inner seasons - and how your birth chart will impact your emotional/mental/physical/energetic capacity.

✨When is your season of hustle? And what to do when it’s not.

✨The exact steps to take when you recognise you're feeling drained, disconnected, burnt out, emotionally overwhelmed, or in a mental fog.

✨ How to become someone who listens to their body, receives clarity from their intuition, loves and expresses ALL their emotions, and feels ALIVE.


🧃2 x 1-hour live training

🧃24hr replay access

Tuesday 26th & Wednesday 27th of March