Winter Love

Dec 06, 2018

Winter Love by my Grandmother Judith Wilder

Grandmother of Sirens, friend of Fae. She loved through poetry.

Loved with the depths of the ocean she bathed in everyday. Half earth half water, found her grounding by the sea.

Writing the words her depths contained, but decorum would not allow to utter from her lips. She was two, one woman under the sun, another under the moon.

I did not see our similarities in my youth, though we would send pages and pages of poetry, and call me her ‘lady of shallot’. I could not see the traits passed down through her blood.

As I pour over her birth chart and find our divine connection in the stars, I gain understanding.

I see her love now for what it was, not for what it appeared to be. I see her depths, and feel her strength.

I know I can always connect to her in the ocean, I know I can feel her inner intensity under the full moon.

Especially when the stars align with our Virgo Sun and Pisces Moon.

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