Seeking Wilder
There is nothing sweeter

There is nothing sweeter

Apr 12, 2022

Than the taste of my hearts truth as it washes over my tongue and out my lips.  

For years I allowed bitterness to brew, swallowing down the truths of my heart that made their way towards my throat. 

My mind became the the jailer of my truth, as though on repeat I would hear

“Don’t say that. 

Who are you to speak to that. 

No one wants to hear from you.”

I withered as bit my tongue and scarified my soul to the god of ‘it’s not you place to speak’, I wilted as silenced the knowings of my soul. 

I came back to life slowly as I allowed the murmurs of my heart to bubble up, I tasted pure joy the first time I allowed them to flow past my lips. 

My truth has no jailer now that my heart trusts that it is safe to express. 

Each time a heart truth makes it way towards my throat, as though in repeat I hear

“You are here to be heard. 

Your truth is aching to be received. 

Conscious communication and heart truths heal.”

 and so I speak

and so I share


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