I always believed in soulmates.

Jan 12, 2019

I always believed in soulmates. 

A deep knowing that there were portions of my soul out there to be unlocked by another. 
I relished the lessons I learnt from love. 

Understanding that each time my heart shattered it healed stronger and wiser. 

Yet I was not ready for forever when it found me. I felt too young to find my person at 23, I cursed the universe for not allowing me more time. 

Fear told me self sabotage, but love reminded me that it could be enough to stay. 

But when I met him I knew, inexplicably that he was my soulmate. And I was undeniably sure we had walked this earth before in one body. 

Because what I lack was what he gave, and what he gave was what I lacked. 

And on the days we were apart, I would look for my keys and find them in my hand, I would lose my glasses and realise they were sitting upon my head, I searched for my phone and found it pressed against my ear. 

Because a life without him, would feel like a myriad of misplaced moments, because on the days he was not around, I never quite felt whole.


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