Seeking Wilder
The Sun and Moon dance in Pisces

The Sun and Moon dance in Pisces

Mar 03, 2022

The Sun and Moon dance in Pisces in the dark sky and I can hear the oceans the call. 

 It sings of treasure to be discovered in its depths, awaiting only those willing to face the immense pressure to retrieve it. 

And oh how I ache to dive, to meet the shadowed reflections of myself who I hid years ago in my depths, to call each of the fragmented portions of my soul I submerged in the waters of self-sabotage home.  

The Sun and Moon dance in Pisces in the dark sky and I can feel the universes pull. 

Suddenly my soul feels to be big to be contained in my body, like ever fibre of my being aches to transcend.

And oh how easily I see it, how in this moment I am all things. I am the soul choosing this lifetime signing contracts for the lessons I will learn on the earth, I am the newborn being pulled screaming from my mothers waters, I am laying there taking my last breath. 

For time was never linear and in this moment all lifetimes intertwine, and in this moment in this dance between realms I meet my own divinity and god she is beautiful. 

She feels like torrential hurricanes blowing towards coves of the unknown. Like the refreshing delight of a summer storm. She is all dancing in puddles on hot tarmac. She is the earth that decays and devours, transforming all that is consumed by her warmth. 

She reminds me that I am mother Gaia herself, all fury and wrath, and love, and divinity. 


And most of all I am home. 


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