As though spiritual growth has an age limit

Oct 08, 2018

When people come to me for a reading, sit before me, and see youth across my face, I see their eyes flicker with doubt.

As though spiritual growth has an age limit, and trauma is only mastered by the old. I see as they think, how could anyone under the age of 30 have any guidance to share.

Age is stored in the soul, and throughout our session they begin to see it through the fire in my eyes, as they utter ‘old soul’ and ‘wise beyond your years’.

We are all so quick to judge. Our default setting is to base our judgements off what we see alone. We have to train ourselves to look deeper, peel back the layers, and see what is not easily seen.

I grew up quickly because I learnt to turn my traumas into compost, and recycled my pain into growth.

So now I hold space now for others to self heal and grow, because there has been many who have held such sacred space for me.

They taught me that I had everything I needed within me. I simply needed to peel back the layers, and tend to the garden of my soul, to let me true ‘age’ show.

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