It's time to unlock your essence


Have you stayed too long in the archetype of hustle? 


Have you forgotten what it feels like to be fully present and home 


I hear you, time and time again 

“I’ll take a break after…” 

“Once this is finished I’ll make more time for me…” 

“I just need to get (my partner/child/parents/clients/boss/friend) sorted first and then…” 


I see an epidemic of floating heads.  

Of women who have cut their minds from their bodies, who are all give and go, and forget that the powerful wild nature of femininity is to receive.  


For what is more fertile than the earth first receiving the rays and rain, and only then gifting fruit.  


We’ve become a society of demanding the harvest first, forgetting nothing fruits without first being nurtured.  


If you feel the subtle niggle that you have stayed too long, away from yourself, away from the overfilling sensation of home, it’s time to stop sacrificing your soul to the god of ‘I’m so busy’ and...


My love, you're human first.

Amongst the hustle, and the growth, and the doing, and the needing, do you give yourself the space to just be human?  


To delight in the deliciousness of the present moment, to exist without the expectation of achievement, to experience the fullness of an embodied life?  


There’s a reason why art has always been a part of human history, for there is something about us that longs to express, to create for creations sake.  


And sure, if you make this commitment to your souls growth over the next 6 months you’ll receive strategy, you’ll receive the blueprint of the next aligned steps to take, guidebook of the way your soul, your business longs to grow.  


But you’ll also receive the reminder to come home to the part of yourself that discovers clarity through play, that finds pleasure in full presence, that follows your souls purpose and path.  


With the noise of the world getting louder, and the go-go-go mentality creeping up from every angle, don’t forget you're human first and miss your life by constantly chasing the next big thing.  

It gets to be easy.


When I tell you it gets to be easy, I don’t mean you will never face a difficult day…


When I tell you life and business get to be easeful and fun, I don’t mean there never be discomfort, I don’t mean there will never be a task you don’t love.


Business and life get to be easy when you learn

  • to find comfort amidst discomfort
  • the sweetness in surrender
  • the delicious lessons only a period of contraction can create

I used to believe life was hard. That when one shoe dropped another was sure to follow, I used to hold my breath after good things happened awaiting the heartache.

While my life has changed dramatically, it’s also not changed that much since those days, you see while on this path of an easeful, pleasurable, joyful, aligned life I have still experienced earth shattering grief, I have launched things that didn’t go to plan, I have had relationships break down.

You see the ticket to the easeful life was found within, my intuition got me on the path, and the tools and practices I use (and now teach) propelled me forward.

So if you’re ready to bring the magic back into the mundane, to create a life an business that lights you the F up, if you are ready to be a magnet for the easeful, abundant life you desire…

Unlock your Essence was created for you.

But first tell me, what do you do when you feel it coming? The Crumbling.
What do you do when the storm rolls in?

  • The bottom of the shower cries, the trying to keep a lid on things, the ache to burn it all to the ground, to change your name and number, and run.
  • When you look around at the life and business you built and think “f^€k, it just got dark quick”.
  • When the noise of ‘this wasn’t what I thought it would be like’ becomes overwhelmingly loud.
  • When all you see is everyone else having it together, and that little voice inside cries out ‘why isn’t that me?!’.

I am yet to meet someone who isn't familiar with the crumble, yet for so ,many when it happens, we feel like we are all alone.

Like somehow, we've failed, like somehow we should be able to keep it together all the like. Like somehow, like no other being of nature we should always be full.

I create my flow of abundance just as much in times of crumbling, as I do in times of growth.


I stopped shaming and punishing, and pushing myself when it was the season to crumble. I stopped forcing myself to keep it all together and show up for everyone else when it was the season to go within.

What would it be like if...

Instead of trying to ignore the shift in season, and burning yourself out trying to chase an eternal summer.

You had a supportive framework to nurture you in those times of crumbling, a step-by-step guidebook to turn to so you can move through your seasons of discomfort with ease? 

If you’re ready to stop avoiding the inevitable, and start loving the crumbing (almost) as much as you love the rise, Unlock your Essence was designed with you in mind. 



Are you soaking up alllll the love that is there for you right now? Do you open your heart to feeling the immensity of it? Do you soak it all in?


It's so easy for us to go into out past in search of something to 'fix' to 'heal'. Do you ever go back to collect all the love you might have missed out on soaking in the first time around?

I’ve discovered love tucked in the cracks and crevices of memories, which made me realise love was actually there at the present time.  


So now I (try) to soak it all up the first time around, and be fully present with the love surrounds me.  


For I know what it is to feel an immensity of love for someone that is no longer earthside, to feel like you have so much love to give them, and it has no where to go.  


I know what it is to wish I held them a little longer, to memorise the way their body felt when it was wrapped in my arms.  

Guides you to feeling, experiencing allll the love that is actually around you.

So you will no longer miss the love, the fullness life has for you the first time around. 


At the end of Unlock your Essence, you'll have learnt how to:

  • Experience the fullness your life has to offer. You'll swallow up the sweetness of every moment, you won't run from the bitterness, nor succumb to it, learning everything has it's time and place.
  • Work with your natural cycles and seasons. You'll learn to dive and rise the seasons, the ebbs and flows, the rhythmic hum of your own business and life cycle. Knowing your own life-death-rebirth cycle and how to flow with whatever energy is currently present for you.
  • Create a nourishing structure for your life and business. So you spend your days fulfilling your lifeforce, not draining it.

And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one extra invaluable resource... ME!

I'm blocking out my calendar for the entire 6 months to devote myself to being ALL IN as your #1 cheerleader throughout this journey!

That's right this immersion is the only way to work with me for the next six months.

Here's what awaits you

You're going to love these!

Live Group Trainings

Magic happens when we come together to learn and expand our hearts and minds. Meeting each fortnight to explore and uncover a whole new depth and understanding of self, focusing our full intention and attention to an area of out life each call. 

Astro insight pack

Landing on your front doorstep with a thud is this guidebook to your soul. A journal we will move through together over the immersion, which will also act as a reference whenever you need to be reminded of your essence and come home to you. 

Live q&a's

Feeling a bit stuck? Unsure on how to take action on all the juicy new things you learnt on the call? Pick my brain on the live Q&A's and receive insight personal to you. 

Like-hearted inspiring AF community

There is nothing quite being in a space surrounded by a group of people who are wholeheartedly choosing themselves, who are committing to their own soul growth, you are choosing to uncover and follow their own purpose.

Guest expert masterclasses

Collaboration over competition is a firm value of mine, which is why I'm bringing in a few phenomenally inspiring souls, to support me in guiding you on this journey. And share their own knowledge, wisdom, and teachings with you.

Power dates & prompts

Cosmic dates of alignment when the Sun directly lines up with powerful aspects in your birthchart. You'll be guided to utilise these dates to make the most of the energy your working with, and know when and where you should be focusing your energy on particular areas of your life throughout the year. 

I'm ready to Unlock my Essence

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Working with Courtney allowed me to tap into my own intuition, to embody my own unique and sacred essence, and to take the one next aligned step without getting too caught up in the logical if's and buts.

Courtney really guided me out of my head and allowed me to access my entire human and spiritual being to live fully and make better decisions.



To be constantly filling my cup up so I am able to always give from my overflow. To be so grounded in my self-care and self-nurturance that I never tip and crack the foundation rooted around my cup.

And when it feel like my flow levels, like suddenly the overflow that usually pours from my cup meets the edge and remains there, sure I could easily choose to tip, to unroot my foundations, to go against my values, to pour. 

But I know what it’s like give, give, give from a place of lack, to tip and pour till my well runs dry, to sacrifice my needs, my souls call, to the altar of the ‘good girl’, to claim ‘as long as their happy I’m happy’ as a ‘selfless’ belief to allow myself to be sucked dry. 


Stopped burdening others with the additional pressure of needing to be happy to keep my happiness alive, I realised it doesn’t actually feel good to given something from someone’s state of lack. 


So the moment my flow halts at the edge, I follow the practices I will teach you in Unlock your Essence, to come home to a state of overflow. 

And I know love you find it easy to say it’s not that bad, that people usually run on less energy than this, telling yourself ‘this or that’ is more important than prioritising something for you.  

But trust me I know what it is to give, give, give from a place of abundance, to be so full of myself that love, and energy, and inspiration, and passion naturally flow out to the souls around me, to meet the needs of others, and have my own met, I know what it is to radiate happiness from within. 


For you to find yourself claiming in 6 months time that you will never pour, even on the days it would be ‘easy’ to, because it feels so divine to receive from someone’s overflow, and oh how I know you love to give.


And just who am I, and why does my philosophy even matter?


Oh hey, I'm Courtney Wilder
of Seeking Wilder

The creatress of Seeking Wilder, I have a lot of balls in the air. To name a few I'm an author, intuitive life and business coach, tarot teacher, business astrologist, podcast host, part mermaid, poetry lover, mumma, bestie to many, wife, heart-led soul-centred boss babe, and just a regular old human being.

Practical spirituality is my calling, with my Virgo Sun, Pisces Moon and Capricorn Rising gifting me the ability to transform intuitive rituals into practical tools that can be quickly and easily implemented into your daily life, to draw in an overflow of abundance, and ease.

With my guidance, my clients have learnt to follow the call of their intuition, and listen out for the subtle messages from within, and allow their soul to guide them in their path.

I've been through some shit (no really, read my book). So when I say my life has been a mastery of learning to find comfort in discomfort, and finding joy, and pleasure, and connection even in the darkest of my days, I mean it.

I love life. Truly, deeply infatuated with the human existence and while I haven't always been so besotted with being here. I believe its my calling to support people in coming home to themselves, and not missing a moment of their lives. For I know, more than many, that tomorrow is not guaranteed


Courtney is one of those rare humans that when you meet her you'll never be the same again. 

As soon as Courtney and I connected, I instantly felt like I had met my soul sister. She has the most heart warming open energy about her that you feel safe to be your fully expressed version of yourself. 


Feeling the internal pull towards this? But ya monkey mind got you thinking of everything (and everyone else) you usually put above yourself?

Ask yourself, honestly..

Are you powerfully wholeheartedly choosing yourself 

Do you hear, do you follow, the deepest desire of your heart 

For so long they tainted ‘choosing yourself’ as selfish, they preached following your desires led to fragmented families and dammed souls.  

They tried to suppress the deep and powerful truth that... 

When you radically choose yourself, you liberate the ones you love.

Liberate them from the bounds of expectation, release them from the restraints of living a life in constant servitude of choosing others comforts above the call of their own heart. 

We create freedom when we powerfully choose to follow the calls of our heart.

When we make decisions not from a place of ‘should do/have to/must’, but from a wholehearted, whole souled, full bodied HELL YES.


Working with Courtney over the last 2 years, I’ve found a deep connection to myself. No longer doubting every move, but confidently striding forward and taking huge leaps of faith that always land me on my feet.


Courtney is constantly coaching, encouraging, holding me accountable and pushing me to my greatest potential, and lifting me up when I have doubted myself. I am forever grateful.


I can't recommend Courtney of Seeking Wilder enough! She has such a beautiful, kind and genuine way about her and is such a wealth of knowledge on all things astrology and tarot. I have learnt so much from her and it has made such a huge difference not just in my life but my business as well. Adore her work and the impact she makes.


Before I started working with Courtney, I read this testimonial on her website from another client that simply said, "If you're thinking of working with Courtney, do it!". I immediately signed up and honestly, it's the kind of feedback I'd give anyone. Courtney is so incredibly nurturing, knowledgable and really knows how to work with your strengths at the same time holding up a mirror to your own bs in a loving way. So yes, if you're thinking about working with Courtney, do it!


I'm ready to Unlock my Essence

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Still Got Questions?



She always acted from the fullest expression of her heart, she choose herself and trusted herself fully, which radiated a permission for others to do the same, she did not shrink when her hearts desires clashed with societal expectations, she never wavered in trusting and following her souls path.


Not to be morbid, but take a moment to think about this - If you weren't to wake up tomorrow, what is the legacy you would leave?

I know first hand how scary it can be to powerfully and wholeheartedly choose yourself, to take that first step towards living a life that overflows with abundance in all areas. And yes, it takes time, surrender, and sometimes a helping hand.

But I promise you the next step is so much easier than you believe it to be. So reach out your hand and receive some stabilising loving support, as you take the next step to unlocking your essence discovering the fullness you can radiate from within.