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Oh hey, I'm Courtney Wilder!

Intuitive life and business coach, business astrologist, podcast host, author, part-time mermaid, poetry lover, mumma, bestie to many, wife, heart-led soul-centred boss babe and just a regular old human being.


I uplift and empower business owners to reconnect with their souls calling, and make aligned decisions, creating abundance and flow.

I'm a firm believer that every business has a larger legacy and impact to fulfil, I inspire my clients to dream BIGGER, often awakening radical change and growth in all those who work with with me.

So tell me, are you to expand and fulfil your dreams?

Are you ready for soul work?
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Are you ready to receive grounded clarity so you can leave a legacy and create and impact?

Soul SeekersĀ Society

AĀ luscious, and full platform that provides you with the support and tools that you need to have clear sight, vision and connection toĀ your most fulfilled self.Ā Choose your own adventureĀ with your birth chart as your map, and integrate with our smorgasbord of pre-recorded videos, guest speaker masterclasses, meditations, journal prompts, live tarot readings, moon circles, and body astrology sessions.

I'm in!

Biz & Birth chart Reading

Are you craving knowing the blueprint and the answers to all of your business questions?

Using your astrology to understand the intention and essence of your business, and how that interacts with your personal birth chart is an empowering and easy way to stay on track with your business and fulfil the legacy that you are aching to create in this lifetime.

I'm Intrigued!

Seeking your Soul Path

Seeking your soul path is an intimate adventure a VIP experience where we leave no stone unturned as you journey who you really are, what you really want and what it is you are truly here to create.

Tell Me More!

111 Reclamation of Self Soul Retreat

This retreat is where we say "thanks but no thanks" to fear and old ways of living that does not resonate with your core essence. This is your time to shine, to claim 'this is me baby' not for anyone else's validation but for your own sense of pride.

This is a reclamation of YOU and your inner greatness.

I need this retreat!

“Courtney is the most wonderful, magical human and everything she creates is the same! Tarot for Embodied Living, the intuitive business and personal birth chart readings and the Soul Seekers subscription are all full of incredible information that can be used as the best personal development tools. ”

Jemma Haythorne

Welcome to Intuitive Business with Seeking Wilder, a Podcast sharing stories from inspiring business owners and entrepreneurs through the lens of soul tarot and astrology.

Your host, Courtney Wilder is an intuitive coach and business astrologer at Seeking Wilder. Courtney teaches business owners to reconnect with their intuition to make aligned decisions to fulfil their legacy.

Through her work Courtney has assisted her clients in -Manifesting over $7500 in one month-Selling out $30K launches-Growing their business from 6 figures to 7 figures-Increasing their clientele by 600%!

It safe to say you’re going to want to hear what Courtney has to say – and who inspires her in the business world. Hoping you’re ready to dive deep into the world of Intuitive Business to create the reality that you want in the work that you’re doing.

Listen in!

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