Never lose your childish enthusiasm

Sep 29, 2018

“Never lose your childish enthusiasm, it’s the most important thing” this quote from ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, always stuck with me.

Deeply rooted medicine, as though the saying reverberated throughout my timeline, I felt a deep calling to root into my childish nature.

With a constant pull into the dark depths of my soul, and yet a strong urge to shine my light through my shadow side, tinging it with youthful innocence.

Queen of contradictions, ambivalent in nature, finding comfort in being both the virgin and the whore, every step I’ve ever made has been in polarity.

With an army eternally waiting to defend if ever someone dared to brand me with a label, knowing I am as changing as the sea.

Renowned for being difficult to love, impossible to hold still, they would tire of never knowing who they were waking up to. The seemingly perfect description of the diagnosis bipolar, still doctors even struggle to decide on that title.

Loving myself came through loving my polarity, owning my contradictions, and revelling in my ambivalence.

I may forever be as changing as the sea. But would you ever stop loving the moon, even though it constantly changes the tides?

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