90 Days of Abundant Action

A 90 day personalised plan with private 1:1 support to work with the energy of your birth chart to seek your most easeful, practical, aligned and abundant path forward in life and business. 


For the human who has 'done the work' but isn't getting any further ahead... or maybe even feel like you've gone BACKWARDS.

‚ú® You're self aware AF... but awareness has actually changed ZILCH

✨ You've done the visualising 

‚ú® You've got the dream, the goal in mind

‚ú® You understand energetic and 'vibes'

‚ú® You're self-aware enough to know what you want

‚ú® You know the importance of investing in yourself and your business

✨ You've done the cookie cutter strategy and you're not afraid to do the work... 

But you desire the practical action steps that are infused with your souls essence and acknowledge your seasonal capacity, leaving you feeling fulfilled rather than starving for more.

In the next 90 days you will

‚ú® Gain an intimate and deep understanding of your own astrological rhythms and energetic influences

‚ú® Feel 10 steps ahead of yourself because you have proactively planned your path to experiencing ease no matter what season you're moving through

✨ Have your exact astrological dates that are turbo charged for energy, proactivity, abundance, healing, opportunities and growth

‚ú® Have a practical application of spiritual and energetic principles...

So that business feel easeful, your mind feels clear and your soul feels nourished. 

Let's wrap up the final quarter with proactive planning and soul nourishing action.

90 days of Abundant Action will leave you feeling like you are the curator of your dreams, and the designer of your life.

Satiated by nourishing your dreams with aligned action, you will know INTIMATELY, for the first time what it feels like to truly be in flow and honour the season you are in. 

You will ditch constantly following your head, making decision after decision you 'thought was a good idea at the time' only to be left feeling 'there has got to be more than this'.

I will be your hand-holding, cheerleading, in the corner of your souls expression, will not let you get away with ANYTHING guide to knowing and staying on your souls path.

Are you ready to learn how to trust yourself implicitly?

For your clarity to be clear as crystal?

To receive and know step-after-aligned step to take?

If so '90 days of Abundant Action' is calling for YOU.

The juice you (tangibly) receive

✨ 3 x 1:1 90 minute accountability and planning sessions at the top of each month

✨ Astro Seasons & Power Dates Guide - Your personalised roadmap and companion for abundant aligned action. Including specific dates of astrological alignment personalised for you and your business, and step by step actions to take to strategically harness the powerful energy of these transits. Know when, where, and what to focus on for optimal impact on various aspects of your life and business throughout the 90 days.

‚ú® Downloadable video recording of the each session to re-watch and receive insight from over and over again.

✨ Intuitive guidance and an Astrologer in your pocket. Voice drop support, any questions in between our sessions? Needing a sounding board as you begin to awake your intuition and new ideas come flooding in. Desire a card to be pulled for you? Send your thoughts and I will get back to you within 48hrs. 

✨ Personalised guided meditations, unique to what is current in your life, your business, and the energy you wish to work with and call in as required.

✨ Access to the Soul Seeker Society while you are in this container.

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90 Days of Abundant Action


4x monthly payments of $333 or 12x weekly payments of $111


What they're saying...


"Before I started working with Courtney, I read this testimonial on her website from another client that simply said, "If you're thinking of working with Courtney, do it!". I immediately signed up and honestly, it's the kind of feedback I'd give anyone. Courtney is so incredibly nurturing, knowledgeable and really knows how to work with your strengths at the same time holding up a mirror to your own bs in a loving way. So yes, if you're thinking about working with Courtney, do it!" - JESSICA

Still got questions?

This is where I come in...

I’m Courtney - the walking embodiment of the mirror you have been aching to gaze upon. 

I have been in devotion to deep transformation for many years now, and I have perfected a process of being able to curate experiences that lead people back home to themselves. 

My blood pumps to the truth that each of our businesses is a living legacy that is aching to be fulfilled. My ability to dream BIG is contagious and there is no way to leave my side without catching the knowing that you are here for MORE. In my sessions you will find a best friend and soul sister who is willing to be in the trenches with you while you face off with the parts of you that you hide so well. 

You cannot work with me, and stay the same.

What they're saying...


"Working with Courtney allowed me to tap into my own intuition, to embody my own unique and sacred essence, and to take the one next aligned step without getting too caught up in the logical if's and buts. Courtney really guided me out of my head and allowed me to access my entire human and spiritual being to live fully and make better decisions" - Bonnie