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I'm Courtney Wilder, an intuitive life and business coach, business astrologist, podcast host, author, part-mermaid, poetry lover, mumma, bestie to many, wife, heart-led soul-centred boss babe and just a regular old human being. 


I uplift and empower business owners to reconnect with their souls calling, and make aligned decisions, creating abundance and flow.

I'm a firm believer that every business has a larger legacy and impact to fulfil, I inspire my clients to dream BIGGER, often awakening radical change and growth in all those who work with with me.

So tell me, are you ready to expand and fulfil your dreams?

How is your soul and the essence of your business aching to gain clarity?


1:1 Transformational Deep Dive Offerings

Biz & Birth Chart Reading

Want a blueprint for your business? A clear guide to your souls purpose? To gain clarity from the essence of your business, and be empowered to make decisions with ease?
This is for you.

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Intuitive Expander Session

Are you seeking clarity? Are you ready to expand? Are you ready to be lit up with truth? Do you feel like there is something 'more' for you, just not sure where to start? These sessions are specifically curated to YOU, creating deep transformation while empowering, uplifting, inspiring and invigorating you.

I'm Intrigued

Live Your Legacy

Are you ready to be held while you dissolve away everything that is not your truth? Are you ready to trust yourself fully, and work within the blueprint and structure of your soul path. Are you ready to discover what abundant living truly means for you?

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Come join a supported community of likeminded souls


Community Containers

Soul Seeker Subscription 

Monthly Immersion and Online Portal

Live Monthly Moon Circles, personalised birth chart, guided meditations, Tarotscopes, expert masterclasses, live Q&A's, full and new Moon rituals, and so so so much more

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Online Group Learning

Are you ready to learn? Expand your insight, your knowledge, your skills? Are you ready to up-level and evolve. To choose the calling of your soul path and purpose? 

Let's do this!

What they're saying...

Steph Gorton 

Every time I have a session with Courtney, I feel ready to take on the world.

My pulse slows down, and I know I can handle anything that comes my way. It's profound how much self assurance comes from these sessions.

Working with Courtney over the last 2 years, I’ve found a deep connection to myself. No longer doubting every move, but confidently striding forward and taking huge leaps of faith that always land me on my feet.

Over the past two years I’ve not only 10x my income, but more importantly I’ve 10x my self trust.

Working with Courtney helps me see myself the way others do, helps me believe in myself and take action.

And that sort of shift is priceless. Grateful for every session and Courtney’s ongoing support.

Belle Verdiglione

Courtney is one of those rare humans that when you meet her you'll never be the same again. 
As soon as Courtney and I connected, I instantly felt like I had met my soul sister. She has the most heart warming open energy about her that you feel safe to be your fully expressed version of yourself. 
Last year, I asked Courtney to provide me with a business reading for my new offer called the Camera Queens. This reading changed the way I view business and made so much sense. As an energy worker I am familiar with intuition and energetics especially in business but I had no idea about how your business has it's own energy and astrological birth chart. Absolute Game changer!
Since then Courtney has become instrumental in moving my business forward.  She has led an intuitive business  workshop at my photographer's retreat, provided a masterclass to the Camera Queens (we are almost there) and spoken at my Soulful She-E-O event.
If you have the opportunity to work with Courtney, do it! Your soul and your bank balance will thank you for it.  

Gina Frances

My business astrology session with Courtney was a GAME CHANGER.

I was literally buzzing from start to finish, and the energy continued afterwards.

Court is so knowledgeable and so passionate- I love that she combines the witchy woo with the grounded action steps. It was a wholesome session that left me with so much more clarity on the direction of my business and more than that- it was so much solidifying confirmation on subtleties I was already feeling.

I now feel like I have the tools to take into my business to support my brand, my offerings, my launch processes, how I express myself and my business, and more. The mindset shifts I've been able to make since our session has been the most impactful and I feel myself interacting with my business differently.

THANK YOU COURT! Highly recommend, like honestly this should be non-negotiable for all business owners!!