The Power of Sharing your Story with Alycia Chapman

Season #1 Episode #27

Are you needing a push to share parts of your story?

✨Wanting to step into learning more about what you are passionate about?

✨Cultivate transformation through communication, curating incredible results through sharing your message with others?

✨Not allow your past to past to define your future?

✨Listen to your intuition, even if it doesn’t always make logical sense?

Tune in to the latest episode of Intuitive Business with Seeking Wilder to hear how Alycia Chapman leads in the Podcast world through service, leadership and trust.

Alycia Chapman is the founder of TBC Studios, one of Australia’s fastest growing podcast production studios that focuses on creating podcasts that convert AND landing them in the top charts. Before building TBC Studios Alycia climbed her way up the corporate ladder working at some of Australia’s favourite startups and ASX listed companies and guiding them through hypergrowth and building global high performing teams. With a background in Marketing and HR from her tertiary studies along with a certificate in Strategy Execution from Harvard Business School, Alycia is passionate about ensuring that podcasts connect back to your companies overall vision and purpose and are a powerful always on marketing tool that ‘makes it rain’ whilst you are sleeping. Alycia currently hosts Australia’s #1 Cryptocurrency podcast Tapping Into Crypto and is regularly invited to speak on business, leadership, cryptocurrency and her favourite hobby and OG Top Chart podcast Renovating Australia. To connect or learn more about how podcasting could work for you reach out to @tbc.studios on instagram ... before your competitor does.

Episode 27 –  The Power of Sharing your Story with Alycia Chapman

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