Trusting Yourself with Elle Jane Lacey

Season #1 Episode #28

Welcome to episode 28 of the Intuitive Business Podcast with Seeking Wilder. This episode is for those that are struggling with trust within themselves.

In this episode Courtney speaks with Elleanor about the path that led her to her work how and it was born from a passion of connection, standing up in her courage, following that gut feeling and on the challenges of starting a business, and how it is more than just putting yourself out there. Courtney and Elle also speak on motherhood and how that shapes the way one does business.

Elle is a Social Media Manager and Ads Manager who works with clients all over the world. She believes everyone should feel confident to shine and be their authentic selves online, she is supportive, nurturing and is on a mission to make social media fun, breaking down the barriers within social media and ads management, to make it simple but effective to grow her clients’ businesses through strategic, authentic marketing. 


Elle’s midheaven is in cancer, which is connected to mother energy, and she also has Leo in the 10th house which is connected to courage and going for it. So, the connection between Elle finding her career after she became a mother represents her chart perfectly! Elleanor’s North node (karmic path), which is the path of evolution in one’s life is in Aquarius (the season we are in as of the episode’s release date) – Courtney asks how Elleanor creates connections in the online community, which is something Elle is really passionate about.

In this episode we touch on: 

You don’t always need a plan to take the leap

The benefits of having a pity party

Trusting in yourself

The importance of boundaries

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