Tarot as a Tool with Courtney Wilder

Season #1 Episode #29

Welcome to the 29th episode of the Intuitive Business Podcast with Seeking Wilder. This episode centres around the juiciness of tarot; what it is, the meanings of the cards and the blend between tarot and astrology.

In this episode Courtney speaks about her personal journey of working with tarot, how tarot is the best personal development tool and why it is important to not get caught up in how your future might look.

Tarot is guided by your intuition and your guides. Courtney speaks on the importance of dropping in first before working with tarot, and how it doesn’t have to be a ten minute lengthily ritual, it can be as simple as a few intentional deep breaths.

In this episode we touch on: 

What tarot is

Tarot’s practical value

We are the masters of our own narrative

There are no bad cards

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