Honouring Yourself in Your Truest Form with Steph Baron

Season #1 Episode #30

Welcome to episode 30 of the Intuitive Business Podcast with Seeking Wilder. This episode is for anyone that is wanting to really step into something different. 

In this episode Courtney speaks with Steph about crossing the “line”, looking after yourself first, creating beautiful spaces and the importance of following what feels good. Courtney and Stephanie also speak on creating financial abundance through inspiring client’s evolution.

Steph is Australia’s most unabashed and proud independent escort. Steph was a curious and extroverted child with a defiant nature, nobody could tell her ‘no’. At the age of 32 not much has changed. One of her biggest life lessons pertains to the importance of authenticity and following what feels good, which is how she ended up a sex worker in Tropical Far North Queensland, absolutely living her best life. There’s much to enjoy in Steph’s story to date, so tune in to learn more about this sexy little pocket rocket

 Steph’s midheaven (career line) is in Taurus which connected to luxury and sensuality, which ties in perfectly because one of the ways Steph describes the work she does sometimes as a “luxury companion”. Courtney and Steph go into what role luxury and sensuality has played in Steph’s career. Steph’s rising sign is in cancer, which brings energy of safety and security, Steph speaks on creating that space for her clients too.

In this episode we touch on: 

Creating time to be in a soft sensual place

Honouring your “no”

Not conforming to the box that is presented to you

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