Thank you, NEXT with Jake Gray

Season #1 Episode #32

Welcome to episode 32 of the Intuitive Business Podcast with Seeking Wilder. This episode is for those that need that permission piece of it being okay to speak on your struggles.

In this episode Courtney speaks with Jake about being a mental health advocate, creating spaces for people to share their truth, imposter syndrome and normalising conversation around normal things! Jake also speaks on the importance of starting the change and being the change.

Meet Jake pug daddy to Chester, Scorpio, Chanel 7 Dubbed “celebrity hairdresser” & Mental health advocate. He is new to the business game and is all about creating hair that’s “fresh out of bed, Front cover of vogue”. He understands the value in investing in your career and has been mentored by some of Australia’s best to get him to the position to Open a salon, have a booked-out wedding side hustle and build his brand on IG, fly around AUS for shows and shoots, Work with actors, models and celebrities all while still having time for his fiancĂ© and pug. Jake wants to empower both clients and creatives with education to help remove the fear, anxiety and mental health issues that comes with the industry and simplify hair again. 

Jake’s Midheaven (career line) is in Capricorn, which often indicates leadership energy whether that be being your own boss or taking charge in the workplace, Jake reflects on his experience with other people in leadership roles and how that has impacted how he has gone forward in his own business. Jake also speaks on the transformation that take place, which is very Scorpio energy, in his clients through creating beautiful safe spaces and beautiful hair, curating confidence in his clients.

In this episode we touch on: 

Trusting your gut

Not everyone will be for you

Thinking outside the box

Nothing good comes from your comfort zone

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