The Journey of Transformation with Beata Mazur

Season #2 Episode #3

Welcome to episode 3 of season 2 of the Intuitive Business Podcast with Seeking Wilder. This episode is for everyone that is ready to see themselves and witness the transformation from that.

In this episode Courtney speaks with Beata about hiding, money, projecting and self connection. Beata also speaks on the power in following your intuition and how she made a deal with the voice in her head, which led her to where she is now.

Beata Mazur is a transformational coach, spiritual guide, and wealth mentor for those who feel deeply.
Bea helps big-hearted leaders and creatives decondition patterns and beliefs around wealth and success so that they can make more money on their terms and create a naturally abundant life with more ease. Her medicine is her deeply feeling nature. In her work, Bea guides her clients to reconnect with wisdom and power stored in the body, unlocking the emotions to unlock the beauty and allow it to ripple out into the world through the many creations her clients are called to bring through. Bea is a Certified Spiral Practitioner, NLP Coach, and Intuitive Healer who has a background in embodied photography, culture education, and movement theatre. She effortlessly blends practical coaching elements with embodiment tools and spiritual concepts, weaving her unique poetic view on life through everything she offers, which makes her teachings uniquely transformational. She an embodiment of fierce compassion and graceful transformation, devoted to the path of becoming more delightfully human.

 Beata has a lot of Scorpio in her chart, which naturally pulls her to the life, death and rebirth cycle. Beata speaks on the tools that she has used – photography, storytelling and sharing that often initiates that process for her clients too. Beata’s point of evolution (North node) is in Aries in the 6th house, the 6th house connects us to daily routines, ritual, systems and support, Beata speaks on her daily rituals through play and rest, and the step away from being serious all the time.

In this episode we touch on: 

Allowing yourself to be seen

The power of play 

Scorpio energy

Wealth, and how our conditioning shapes how we receive it

Beata's book recommendations:

-Happy Money by Ken Honda

-Soul of Money by Lynne Twist

To find more of Beata and her work:

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