The way to a woman’s bed

Oct 30, 2013

We have all heard countless times that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, I wonder if someone has started the rumour that a way to a woman’s bed is through hers. 

First off let me make this very clear gentleman I am neither complaining nor discouraging these actions.

It seems to be a common trend these days, I wonder if it’s due to being that little bit older and the men I’m dating a little bit more mature. Or have I simply tapped into a resource of men who really love to cook? I have to admit whether or not this is a calculated move on their behalf seeing a man who knows what he is doing in the kitchen is very sexy.

The first time I came across the phenomenon of a man who wanted to cook for me was when “Mr Friends-with-benefits” cooked breakfast after what I assumed would be a one night stand, I thought him a man and made certain once finished to take him back to bed to show him just how appreciative I was of his gesture.

The second time I found myself on a date with “The Relationship Guy” he was attentive and sweet the kind of man girls dream of meeting, calling when he says he will, asking all right questions. He freely discussed his love of cooking and has requested that when he returns from working away that I give him an evening of my time so he can cook for me.

I met the third man at work, after discovering we have mutual friends I’m invited to a dinner party he is hosting the following evening. His cooking is divine I can’t stop complimenting him as he walks to my car and kisses me with such passion my head goes fuzzy. With his hand on my waist he asks me to name a night next week he can come around to cook for me.

Maybe 23 isn’t going to be the year I avoid uncomplicated men, maybe 23 is the year of enjoying men cooking for me... and to be honest I don’t mind it at all.

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