Money doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket. Lingerie does

Sep 11, 2013

Some people say money burns a hole in their pocket. For me its new lingerie; it sets my sex drive on fire.

A shopping spree at Bras and Things has left me aching for a night of passion. Mr friends-with-benefits has returned to work for four weeks. I want to spend the night teasing him with photos of my now bruise free body, but with no response to the first message I go to sleep frustrated.

I awake to my inbox flooded with pictures; the time stamp states they were sent four hours ago. Our schedules are out of sync, and I sit at work trying to focus whilst images of his hard naked body flash through my mind.

There is a sex and the city quote that says "Sex is just an exchange of power." I must admit I feel at my most powerful in lingerie and high heels.

Please tell me if I’m wrong; but there is nothing quite like the feeling of putting on a matching pair of bra and panties, sliding on thigh high stockings, attaching them to your garter.

There is nothing quite like the absolute power and confidence that wearing only lingerie and high heels gives you. At that moment it is not about looking good for anyone else; it’s about loving your body. Even if it’s just for a split second, that feeling of being completely infatuated with how great you really look in so little is so powerful it can leave you buzzing for hours.

I dream of when I feel as confident in clothes as I do naked.

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