It ended with an X

Sep 18, 2013

I scare easily. It’s happened too many times before to not be wary. It starts off simply the meaningful glances, holding me tighter and X’s. I am not an XO kind of girl looking through my texts you will struggle to find them especially to someone I am sleeping with. X’s blur things they take a normal conversation and turn it into something so much more. If you wouldn’t end a sentence with a kiss why would you end a text with an x?

“You’re picking him up from the airport and you’re making him soup?  I don’t even make soup for my friends who are sick.” Her body language is strong and her concern knocks me from across the kitchen. “I’m not making him soup anymore, he said he is feeling much better so he doesn’t get soup” “But you still offered soup!” “I’m trying to do the friends-with-benefits thing properly this time, actually be a friend instead of just all the benefits.” The Domestic Goddess sighs and turns away, I’m not sure if her concern is for me or Ben but I’m certain an airport lift would not blur lines.

Mr Friends-with-benefits has been sent home early with bronchitis. After a struggle to find the correct airport we end up back in his bed; a personal best we last half the movie before he starts to pull at my dress. His tongue runs along my neck sending shivers down my spine.  I’m slowly starting to realise the difference between a boy and a man as I lap up his control.  I doubt there is anything sexier than a man who knows what he wants and goes for it.

It’s 1:30am and we can’t sleep. “Have you christened your car yet?” His cheeky smile gets me out the door. Parked across from the police station we scramble to put our clothes on as three officers walk towards my car.  “What are they going to do, get us on suspicion from steamy windows?”  We high five once they walk straight past the door.

My day has been hell.  Mr Friends-with-benefits was planning on coming around for a night of dress ups; the army has other plans and calls him into the barracks. I ask him to send a photo in his army gear he responds with ‘I’m working. I will send a photo later x’. “He sent me an X! I don’t like it. It’s just not how friends-with-benefits should communicate.” I read I-told-you-so all over The Domestic Goddesses face.

He flies back to work for 3 weeks and I’m relieved.

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