I did not believe I could be a wife.

May 08, 2018

I did not believe I could be a wife, until I recognised I had my mothers heart, and my fathers soul.

You see we were made to love deeply, we were created for great love. If you are to be loved by us, you are to be enveloped by us, until your smile becomes our smile, and our tears become your own.

We were not made for superficial love, you cannot skim across the surface of our hearts. If you are to be loved by us, you will be pulled into the depths of every ocean, your eyes will be filled with every constellation of every star. Until you forget every lover your soul has known before us, until you realise that this will always be your home.

He loves me with a fearless heart, and a adventurous soul. He knows my love is not built for cages, and he has never tried to clip my wings.

That is how he ‘tamed’ me, by allowing me to love him freely, knowing I will always be a wilder thing.

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