Fake orgasms and bad behaviour

Oct 31, 2013

I do not agree with faking orgasms, I feel it encourages bad behaviour.

If what he’s doing isn’t enough to get you off why are you rewarding those efforts with a fake orgasm? In the end the only one you are hurting is yourself.

Men don’t forget. If he thinks what he was doing worked well and was enough to get you off then he’s going to continue doing it. You are just dooming yourself and his future partners to bad sex. And ladies I really don’t think we need any more bad sex in our lives. 

I’m sure we all have that similar story of a man who bragged about his abilities to make women orgasm, you were doubtful at first of course but he seemed so confident in himself.

When you finally find yourself in bed with him your initial suspicions were correct it’s a disappointment, his moves are off, he does not appear to have any idea where the clit is and you are genuinely bored.

You want it to be over but he’s the kind of guy that needs you to orgasm, you can see it across his face he’s waiting for it the big finish. By now you are so turned off you know its just not going to happen;

You have two choices you can either fake the big finish end it quickly and never see him again or you can tell him “I’m sorry, it’s just not working for me and it’s not going to happen.” 

Actually go one better teach him tell him exactly what you want, how you like it what does and does not work. If he is eager to learn give the man a chance maybe he’s just been with woman who faked it for the easy ending and never taught him how to not be a selfish lover.

I was seventeen when I first kicked someone out of my bed for genuinely being terrible. I look back on it now and feel pretty bad for the guy however I feel my actions were justified. It just was not working, he was a selfish lover and wasn’t willing to change his technique. So I asked him to stop actually my exact words were “Can you please stop now, because this just isn’t working for me and I would rather be sleeping.”  He left, ego bruised. Not bruised enough though to stop trying to sleep with me every time he saw me out.

Maybe some men do forget.

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