A Ben by any other name

Feb 20, 2014

It’s Valentine’s Day but I am by no means lonely. Out on the town surrounded by my best single girlfriends I can’t picture spending Valentine’s Day any other way.

In a tequila haze I catch his eye and smile. Lust at first sight I can’t help but turn and watch him walk past. I wonder if it’s my smile or the length of my shorts that causes him to turn and run back to me.

He starts to speak and I’m instantly smitten. I don’t know what it is about this guy, but with a glance and a hello I’m hooked. My friends are calling me to the car so I need to make this fast.

“Tell me three interesting things about yourself.”

“My name is Ben…” There it is. Those four words that have thrown me deep into trouble so many times. How is it that I only attract Ben's? Just earlier this evening I walked away from a man on the dance floor when he told me his name was Ben. After six Ben's I know that name means nothing but trouble.

Unable to resist his cheeky smile I freely give him my number. If its trouble his name will bring it’s too late, I’m far too tipsy and he’s far too cute.

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