Kickstart your intuition Meditation

Making decisions you *thought* were are good idea at the time, only to be left thinking *omph* I should have followed my gut?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and begin step 1 of living an intuitively lead life. A life where you trust those gut instincts, and make decisions with ease. 

Kickstart your intuition Meditation Guide

Are you ready to tap into your intuition?

To follow your gut, and make decisions with ease? In this guided meditation you will discover how your intution speaks to you, the subtle ways your body guides you, and how to know when its a HELL YES or a no. 



Connecting into your body 



Let your yes mean yes, and your no mean no



Making decisions from a place of intuition

‘Just like Courtney said, it's all there in black and white! But sometimes we need someone to guide us through it, so we may integrate it into our lives. I left the session feeling SO CLEAR, so validated, so confident and so motivated! I felt grounded in my purpose and clear on my path forward. When they say 'oh I wish I had a biz handbook', this is pretty damn close!’ 


-Jessie McGarry