Year of Abundance - For the biz owner who desires The Whole Shebang

The Year of Abundance is your transformative compass for the most awe-inspiring year of your life.

The roadmap to embark on a life-changing journey, your invitation to claim a year of intention, alignment, and radical self-choosing - a year that transcends the ordinary and beckons you into the extraordinary.

What you'll get:

  • 2x Personal & Business Year of Abundance Reading - A profound exploration of your Year Ahead that unravels 13 enlightening insights into the unique lessons and energies destined for you and your business journey in 2024. (Value: $666)
  • 4x 90-minute live 1:1 Quarterly Clarity Coaching Sessions - These sessions are the perfect complement to your Year of Abundance reading, ensuring you stay anchored to the energy you're calling into your life and business in 2024. As your intuitive life & business coach, I bring a mix of modalities, all rooted in my soul mastery and the journey of unlocking your soul essence, making it easier for you to follow its guidance. Let's make this journey a transformative and supported one! (Value: $1,998) 
  • 2x Personal & Business Power Dates Guide - Unlock the potential of cosmic alignments personalised for you and your business in 2024, as this guide empowers you to strategically harness the energy of celestial rendezvous, providing insights on when and where to focus for optimal impact on various aspects of your life and business throughout the year. (Value: $444)
  • 2x Personal & Business Soul Card Reading - Embark on a personal journey with your Soul Lesson's for 2023 & 2024. This reading serves as your compass, guiding you to forge a deep connection with the transformative lessons and energies that will shape your path in 2024. (Value: $160)
  • 2x Personal & Business Astro Insight eBook - A personalised roadmap crafted exclusively for you. This isn't just a guide; it's your companion for a year of abundant living, providing insights and wisdom tailored to your unique journey. Uncover the secrets of manifesting with precision, utilizing the 2024 moon phases as your cosmic allies. Align your intentions seamlessly with the stars, guided by the wisdom encoded in your very own personalised birth chart. (Value: $222)
  • Intuitive Guidance Meditation - Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you elevate your experience with the Intuitive Guidance Meditation. An exclusive tool designed to amplify you intution and anchor you into self-trust. (Value $33)
  • Recording - Indulge in the downloadable recording of your personal reading—an exclusive podcast crafted specifically for you. This recording is your personal reservoir of insights, a valuable resource to revisit for ongoing guidance throughout the year. It's not just a recording; it's your customised podcast, a companion that ensures the wisdom from your reading remains easily accessible, empowering you with continuous insights and support. (Value: PRICELESS) 
Total value: $3,523

Your price: $2222!

$2,222.00 AUD

Add on an additional Astro Insight & Power Dates Guide eBook for $222 for your partner, lover, business, bestie or kids!

(valued at $333)

This isn't just a guide; it's your personalised roadmap for a thriving 2024.