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Introduction to Tarot - Deck Inc

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Wanting to connect with the Tarot through a soul-centred intuitive lens?

Join Seeking Wilder for a full day of tarot immersion, on Sunday the 23rd of June in Port Kennedy from 10:00am - 4:00pm. With lunch included.

The ‘Introduction to Tarot’ workshop will be fantastic for beginners, anyone looking to refresh their Tarot knowledge, or learn to connect with the Tarot from a soul-centred intuitive approach.

Also receive access to a private Tarot support group, where you can connect with other likeminded souls, and get ongoing mentorship.

Looking forward to embarking on this Tarot journey with you.

Tarot deck is included




“Courtney is amazing! I recently did a workshop with her and She is full of knowledge and completely wise beyond her years! She is so patient and understanding and answerered all questions I had, even after the workshop was completed. Thank you for helping me expand my mind and letting me be apart of your amazingness!” - Samantha


“Courtney is an amazingly gorgeous soul. I completed her tarot course yesterday and it was incredibly informative. I feel confident in doing my own readings, listening more to my intuition to help others and have gained a wealth of knowledge in Tarot. The space she holds is non judgemental and beautiful and I'm so glad to have done this through her.

I've had the pleasure to attend other workshops including woman's circles and couldn't recommend her enough for the space she holds for others. Thank you gorgeous woman.” - Skye


“Very fulfilling, I am so happy, I am feeling like I’m on my right path. Understanding my weirdness haha love it!!

I’m connected, I’m at peace I’m present and enjoying every moment - my heart is full!! I am where I am meant to be. Gratitude 🙏🏼to you Courtney I appreciate you and all you do so much thank you x” - Misty