Soul Seeker Subscription

The ‘Soul Seeker Subscription’ is a tool which blends together esoteric rituals with practical tools, helping you to create a life of alignment and flow.

At the start of each Astrological season a detailed written and video guide is sent out, including

  • Personalised astrological birth chart
  • Guided Astrological Season mediations
  • Full Moon meditation
  • New & Full Moon Rituals 
  • Tarotscopes for the each sign, for the current astrological season
  • Tarot/oracle spreads
  • Journal prompts
  • Embodiment practices
  • Zodiac season immersion 
  • Insights into the current astrological transits (retrogrades and all that good stuff)
  • Spotify playlist curated for the current season
  • Altar practice
  • and so much more

This will help you in understanding how to utilise the current Astrological shifts, to create an aligned life based off your personal natal/birth chart.

The investment for the Soul Seeker Subscription is $20per month, with a community sliding scale for our at need/marginalised community members, as well as a sponsorship rate, if you are blessed with abundance, and desire to sponsor a member at the community rate.

Subscribe to the Soul Seeker Subscription for $20per month here

If you feel blessed with abundance, and desire to sponsor a member at the community rate - subscribe for $30per month here

To be accessible to those of all income levels, if you wish to receive access to the subscription, however don't feel able to make the monthly financial commitment of $20 - subscribe for $10per month here


*guide sent via email. Please include your birth date, birth place, and birth time (if known) for personal birth/natal astrological chart reference.

Soul Seeker Subscription Dates
Aries Season - 21st March 2021
Taurus Season - 20th April 2021
Gemini Season - 21st May 2021
Cancer Season - 22nd June 2021
Leo Season - 23rd July 2021
Virgo Season - 23rd August 2021
Libra Season - 23rd September 2021
Scorpio Season - 24th October 2021
Sagittarius Season - 23rd November 2021
Capricorn Season - 22nd December 2021
Aquarius Season - 20th January 2022
Pisces Season - 19th February 2022
*unsubscribe or change subscription option at anytime