Seeking Your Soul Path

Each ‘Seeking your Soul Path Session’ is unique to what is current in your life, and the direction in which you wish to head.

Beginning with checking in with your energetic, emotional, and mental bodies to intuitively feel into where you may be limiting your energetic flow, and which modalities are best suited for your needs.

Utilising energetic healing, Tarot medicine, as well as working in alignment with your astrological birth chart, I will support you in realigning with your soul path and allowing your intuition to guide your steps.

This service was designed by to assist you to take hold of your own personal development journey, through working closely together focusing on your goal and creating new self-care habits.

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*prior to the session I will ask for your Astrological birth chart details and intention, in order to hold space for you as you embark on a journey of personal development and discovery.