Invest in your Impact 

Hey biz boss babe,

Have you been - 

  • ✔️Booming in business, yet still feel like there could be more?

    ✔️Kicking career goals, but personal life has been lulling for a while?

    ✔️ Making decisions you ‘thought were a good idea at the time’, only to be left questioning your decision making process?

    ✔️ Feeling drained by a business that once invigorated you and ignited your drive?

    📞The essence of your business is calling. 
  • Yearning for you to reconnect with your inner magic, to tap into your ‘gut instinct’, and make decisions with ease and certainty.

    Spend a day investing in your impact,
    aligning with the legacy of your business,
    connecting to the bigger calling
    of what an intuitive business owner
    can abundantly manifest
    into their business AND life.

    Join us at Invest in your Impact on Sunday the 12th of September 2021
    11am - 5.30pm
    Feld & Co
  • ✨’Invest in your Impact’ is a homecoming to a place your soul remembers but your mind long forgot.

    ✨A day to shed the external noise and pressure; the expectation to do/need/have/be.

    ✨A day to reclaim the magic and power you hold within; to reconnect with the joyful ease aligned decision making can bring.

    ✨ A day to invigorate your senses with the energy of abundance; creating an abundant business AND an abundant life. 

Through implementing my signature success techniques my clients have -

💸 manifested over $7,500 within 1 month
💸 sold out $30k launches
💸 grown their business from 6 figures to 7 figures
💸 increased their clientele by 600%

At ‘Invest in your Impact’ you will learn how to -
✔️ use your personal and businesses birthchart to market, launch and sell out with potency, structure, and ease.
✔️ use esoteric practices and tools to thrive in your life and business.
✔️ shed the external noise, and gain clarity on ‘what you are here to do’. 

Lay the ground work for rapid growth by invigorating and awakening every sense on the day with - 

✨ Sound healing immersions by local Vocal Alchemist Sascha Martineau; creating the space to integrate the signature success techniques into your mind and heart, using sound to trigger a state of deep relaxation and nourishment.

✨ Thriving tool kits; these beautiful tool kits have been curated to support you in implementing the practices into your daily life, and leave the event having everything you need to make awakening the senses a part of your daily practice.

✨ Insightful info packs; step by step detailed guide books, which will be a reference point to support you ongoing in shedding the inner doubt to trust yourself and believing in what you are here to do.

✨ Personalised astrological business and personal birth chart break down; learn how you can structure your life and biz around your natural calling for growth and expansion.

✨ Powerhouse dates pack; know when to launch, when to plan, and how to align your life and biz with the universe, with a detailed list of dates the upcoming astrological transits are highlighting for you.

✨ Soulful chats with likeminded business owners; creating heartfelt connections with other inspiring souls.

✨ Personalised guided meditation; a take home soundtrack intuitively created to support the needs and desires of your personal astrological birth chart.

✨ 5 months access to the Soul Seeker Subscription; access to the Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Pisces season transmissions. Includes monthly guided meditations, full moon circles, sound healings, tarotscopes, journal prompts, embodiment practices, spoken word inductions, curated playlists, astrological transit guides, full and new moon rituals, and entry to the Soul Seeker Society community group.

✨ Free flowing beverages and delicious nourishing food provided for the day.

Limited places available to keep the energy at its excellence. 

About the facilitator 

Courtney of Seeker Wilder is an an intuitive heart-led, soul-centred boss babe. Who uplifts and empowers business owners to reconnect with their souls calling, and make aligned decisions, creating abundance and ease.
A firm believer that every business has a larger legacy and impact to fulfil, Courtney inspires her clients to dream BIGGER, often awakening radical change and growth in all those who work with her guidance.
Her personal mantra of ‘we are our own gurus, we are our own guides, the creators of our own lives’, her work empowers others to reconnect with themselves, and do the work to realign, expand, and overcome. 

'Every time I have a session with Courtney, I feel ready to take on the world. My pulse slows down, and I know I can handle anything that comes my way. It's profound how much self assurance comes from these sessions. Working with Courtney over the last 2 years, I’ve found a deep connection to myself. No longer doubting every move, but confidently striding forward and taking huge leaps of faith that always land me on my feet. Over the past two years I’ve not only 10x my income, but more importantly I’ve 10x my self trust. Working with Courtney helps me see myself the way others do, helps me believe in myself and take action. And that sort of shift is priceless. Grateful for every session and Courtney’s ongoing support.' - Steph Gorton

Are you ready to Invest in your Impact?

Invest in your Impact - Upfront Abundance
Invest in your Impact - Upfront Abundance

Invest in your Impact - Upfront Abundance

Invest in your Impact - Bring your Biz Bestie
Invest in your Impact - Bring your Biz Bestie

Invest in your Impact - Bring your Biz Bestie


This price point feeling a bit stretchy right now? Honour your call towards abundance with the Flourish Flow payment plan (details below).

Join us at Invest in your Impact on
Sunday September 12th 2021
11am - 5.30pm
Feld & Co, Booragoon 

‘Courtney is constantly coaching, encouraging, holding me accountable and pushing me to my greatest potential, and lifting me up when I have doubted myself. I am forever grateful’ - Dr Anh Nguyen

 ‘My business astrology session with Courtney was a GAME CHANGER. I was literally buzzing from start to finish, and the energy continued afterwards. Court is so knowledgeable and so passionate- I love that she combines the witchy woo with the grounded action steps. It was a wholesome session that left me with so much more clarity on the direction of my business and more than that- it was so much solidifying confirmation on subtleties I was already feeling. I now feel like I have the tools to take into my business to support my brand, my offerings, my launch processes, how I express myself and my business, and more. The mindset shifts I've been able to make since our session has been the most impactful and I feel myself interacting with my business differently. THANK YOU COURT! Highly recommend, like honestly this should be non-negotiable for all business owners!!’ - Gina Francis 

Valued at $2,222 you can Invest in your Impact by attending our day event for $888

Upfront Abundance - feeling abundant AF?! Pay upfront to receive an Abundance Altar gift pack, to magnify the manifestation magic uncovered at ‘Invest in your Impact’.

Flourish Flow Plan - business beginning to flourish? Sign up for the flow plan to trickle your payments to the day.

Bring your Biz Bestie - everything is better with friends! Bring along your biz bestie and receive $111 off EACH of your tickets. Want your tribe to attract your vibe?
Message for additional discounts if you want to bring a crew of 3 or more. 

It's time to Invest in your Impact

Upfront Abundance

Flourish Flow Plan

Bring your Biz Bestie

'Courtney is absolutely phenomenal at what she does. Seeking my Soul Path with Courtney was my first experience with astrology and chart reading and it absolutely blew my mind with how aligned I was with the information she had shared with me, with a lot coming through about my business. I had been trying to develop an online program for quite literally years. I had it all built out behind the scenes, but despite numerous investments in mentorship and business launch courses, I was meeting personal blocks and stagnating. It was only days after my first consultation with Courtney that my mind just exploded with new ideas, and with it the birth of my true identity in business. Which, after years of feeling like a fraud, unsure of my message, unsure in my skillset, spending money and getting nowhere… overnight the ideas flooded in, I advertised a beta-test for a program the next day and now, several rounds in, I truly feel aligned with my passion and purpose – and it is totally different to where I thought I would be only the beginning of this year. I then did a Business birth chart reading with Courtney, dating the rebirth of my business and new program, and yet again… mind blowing. Connections where made with family and personal healing that I had to do in order to really see my business flourish. At the time I had thought I had healed but as the weeks past I learned are deeper message and again, with this learning came another level in my business. Courtney provided significant dates for me to focus on in my business and practical strategies to honour my personal and professional growth. I jump off every call with Courtney feeling so incredibly inspired and am so grateful that we crossed paths when we did. I truly believe Courtney has played a huge role in finding alignment and integration with my passion, purpose, and service in business.' Jemaine Finlay 

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