Love, is this you?

⚡️ Are you feeling disconnected from your ‘gut instinct’, wishing to reconnect with your intuition?

⚡️ Are you going through the motions, making choices that ‘seem like a good idea at the time’, instead of making decisions with ease and certainty. 

⚡️ Are you feeling lost and overwhelmed by which step to take next, wishing for insight on what direction your business wants to head?

⚡️ Are you feeling drained by constantly being enmeshed within your business, and desire more time for the pursuit of play? 

⚡️ Are you creating offerings, that don’t draw in your absolute dream clients? 

⚡️ Are you ready to re-connect with your intuition, and make aligned decisions to fulfil your legacy? (and have fun while you do it)

There is a lot of noise out there, a lot of loud voices, telling you what you SHOULD/NEED/HAVE to do.

Yet when making aligned decisions, for your life, for your business, the voice that really matters most, is your own.

We all hold the ability to connect, to drop into the truth of our hearts, and allow our inner guidance to lead us to a lit up life.

Yet we forget, that our intuition is a muscle, and just like our physical muscles needs to be worked, to be exercised to build up its strength, to become the loudest voice in the room.

What you (tangibly) receive

 Personalised E-Book including your birth charts, power dates to live to the fullest potential of your personal power, and a step-by-step guide on working with the Moon cycles.

 Fortnightly 1:1 75 minute intuitive expander sessions, we gather fortnightly for the duration of 6 months, to support you to in gaining clarity and being held amidst grand transformation

 Personal and/or Business Astrology reading insights,  learn to integrate the wisdom of the planets, zodiac signs and houses to empower your life, and gain conscious awareness of the subconscious patterns of self limitations you play out.

 A downloadable video recording of the each session to re-watch and receive insight from over and over again.

 Personalised guided meditations, unique to what is current in your life, your business, and the energy you wish to work with and call in.

Intuitive guidance and an Astrologer in your pocket. Voice drop support, any questions in between our sessions? Needing a sounding board as you begin to awake your intuition and new ideas come flooding in. Desire a card to be pulled for you? Send your thoughts and I will get back to you within 48hrs. 

 Monthly access to the Soul Seeker Subscription, a tool which blends together esoteric rituals with practical tools, helping you to create a life of alignment and flow.

 Live your Legacy 6 Month Immersion clients receive a bonus 1:1 Biz & Birth chart reading  (valued at $444)

This is where I come in...

Oh hey!

I’m Courtney, an intuitive heart-led, soul-centred boss babe. 
Who uplifts and empowers business owners to reconnect with their souls calling, and make aligned decisions, creating abundance and ease.

A firm believer that every business has a larger legacy and impact to fulfil, I inspire my clients to dream BIGGER, often awakening radical change and growth in all those who work with her guidance.

With personal mantra of ‘we are our own gurus, we are our own guides, the creators of our own lives’, my work empowers others to reconnect with themselves, and do the work to realign, expand, and overcome.

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