Darling, are you ready to be seen in your majesty?

Ready to be lovingly called out on all the ways you are restricting your own shine? 

Are you ready to be reminded of who the f^€k you actually are, why you are here, and what you are really here to do? 

Are you ready to receive what it is you truly need? 

To lead an abundant life? 

To tap into your creative energy, and have abundance flow into every area of your life & business with so much ease? 


The Intuitive Expander Session cannot be broken down or contained to a list of inclusions, for each session is specifically curated just for you. 

Utilising a wide variety of tools and modalities you will coached and supported through a journey of transformation, as you receive whatever it is you are needing most, and come out the other side motivated, nourished, and invigorated as f^€k. 

Introducing the Intuitive Expander Session 

1:1 Life & Business Coaching

Are you ready to expand? Do you feel like there is something 'more' for you, just not sure where to start?

These sessions are specifically curated to YOU, creating deep transformation while empowering and uplifting you.


Ready to dive even deeper?

Why not add on

Personal Astrology Reading

Dive into the essence of YOU. Discover your souls purpose, and gain insight on how to live in alignment with ease.


Intuitive Reiki Healing

A nourishing soul reset. A grounding practice to bring you home to your body and clear any stagnant energy that is weighing you down.


Intuitive Tarot Reading

Seeking intuitive insight? Have specific questions that you are seeking deeper answers into? Receive a reading from WA's leading intuitive Tarot teacher.

Business Astrology Reading

Tap into the essence of your business, make decisions with ease, and receive a 'blueprint' to your biz from the stars.