Invest in your Impact

Hey Biz Boss Babe,

Have you been - 

✔️Booming in business, yet still feel like there could be more?

✔️Kicking biz goals, but personal life has been lulling for a while?

✔️Making decisions you ‘thought were a good idea at the time’, only to be left questioning your decision making process? 

✔️Feeling drained by a business, that once invigorated you, and ignited your drive?

📞The essence of your business is calling. 

Yearning for you to reconnect with your inner magic, to tap into your ‘gut instinct’, and make decisions with ease and certainty. 

Spend a day investing in your impact, 

aligning with the legacy of your business, 

connecting to the bigger calling,

of what an intuitive business owner,

can abundantly manifest, 

into their business AND life. 

✨’Invest in your Impact’ is a homecoming; to a home your soul remembers but your mind long forgot. 

✨A day to shed the external noise and pressure, the expectation to do/need/have/be. 

✨A day to reclaim the magic and power you hold within, to reconnect with the joyful ease aligned decision making can bring. 

✨ A day to invigorate your senses with the energy of abundance; creating an abundant business AND an abundant life. 

Through implementing my signature success techniques my clients have -

💸 manifested over $7,500 within 1 month

💸 sold out $30k launches

💸 taken their business from 6 figures to 7 figures 

💸 increased their clientele by 600%

At ‘Invest in your Impact’ you will learn how to  - 

✔️ use your personal and businesses birthchart to market, sell out, and launch with potency, structure, and ease. 

✔️ use esoteric practices and tool to bring thrive back into your life. 

✔️ shed the external noise, and gain clarity on ‘what you are here to do’. 

Invigorate and awaken every sense on the day with sounds by a local Vocal Alchemist, thriving tool kits, insightful info packs, and soulful chats with likeminded business owners over the drinks and gourmet grazing provided. 

Limited places available to keep the energy at its excellence. 

About the facilitator 

Courtney of Seeker Wilder is an an intuitive heart-led, soul-centred boss babe.

Uplifting and empowering business owners, to reconnect with their souls calling, and make aligned decisions, creating abundance and ease. 

A firm believer that every business has a larger legacy and impact to fulfil, Courtney inspires her clients to dream BIGGER, often awakening radical change and growth in all those who work with her guidance. 

 Her personal mantra of ‘we are our own gurus, we are our own guides, the creators of our own lives’, her work empowers others to reconnect with themselves, and do the work to realign, expand, and overcome. 

‘Courtney is constantly coaching, encouraging, holding me accountable and pushing me to my greatest potential, and lifting me up when I have doubted myself. I am forever grateful’ - Dr Anh Nguyen 

‘My business astrology session with Courtney was a GAME CHANGER. I was literally buzzing from start to finish, and the energy continued afterwards. Court is so knowledgeable and so passionate- I love that she combines the witchy woo with the grounded action steps. It was a wholesome session that left me with so much more clarity on the direction of my business and more than that- it was so much solidifying confirmation on subtleties I was already feeling. I now feel like I have the tools to take into my business to support my brand, my offerings, my launch processes, how I express myself and my business, and more. The mindset shifts I've been able to make since our session has been the most impactful and I feel myself interacting with my business differently. THANK YOU COURT! Highly recommend, like honestly this should be non-negotiable for all business owners!!’ - Gina Francis 

Upfront Abundance - feeling abundant AF?!Pay upfront to receive an Abundance Altar gift pack, to magnify the manifestation magic uncovered at ‘Invest in you Impact’. 

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Bring your Biz Bestie - everything is better with friends! Bring along your biz bestie and receive $111 off EACH of your tickets. 

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