Your least favourite Tarot card?

July 29th | Your least favourite Tarot card? | Nine of Swords | The Linestrider Tarot Deck

It is no great secret the Nine of Swords is my least favourite card.

Although I believe there are no ‘bad’ cards, she triggers me.

She speaks of grief I know too well. She speaks of dark nights and darker days. I have sat in her energy for so long, I forget where I end and where she began.

You become accustomed to grief after a while, it become so entwined in your being, you begin to loose all memories untainted by it.

Inwardly I allowed myself to be overcome by my grief, treating it was a prized battle wound I would snarl at anyone trying to treat it. It was my burden to carry and I did not want anyone to lighten my load. Outwardly I would put on a brave face, needing to appear ‘strong’.

I am beginning to learn that moving through, and healing grief does not mean you are forgetting the ones you love. Healing the wound is not forgetting, it is not dishonouring their memory, it does not mean you love them any less.

Healing is living, and whilst I’m here on this earth without them, all I can do is live.

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