Where do I draw my strength from?

July 8th | Where do I draw my strength from?

Card pulled | Ace of pentacles | The Linestrider Tarot Deck

I draw my strength from the knowing that it will all work out for me, in the end.

Abundance will come, and if I take my mind away from focusing on what I lack, I can see abundance has always been there.

I was blessed with a father who taught me that it’s not so much about what you do, just as long as you do it with passion.

‘Success’ has always come easy to me. When I was young I was told, ‘You will be brilliant at whatever you put your mind to’.

Finding something to put my mind to, which could interest me for more than a few months seemed the difficult part.

When I told people I would be cutting down my hours at work, to spend time focusing on being a reader and reiki practitioner they looked at me in true concern, as the questions flooded in ‘Where will the clients come from? How will you afford your bills? Should you maybe work more hours and only have this as a little side love job’.

Their fears could never trigger my own, because I knew, as I have always known, abundance will come.

It will all work out for me in the end, as it has always done.

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