Where can I be kinder to myself?

July 5th | Where can I be kinder to myself?

Card pulled | Six of Cups | The Linestrider Tarot Deck

All the cards in the tarot deck and I’m back where I started on day 1.

I can claim self love until the cows come home, but how often do I look over the ‘mistakes’ I’ve made in my past and punish myself in my own mind.

Always one to beat myself up over past ‘mistakes’, I have always dreaded reaching into my childhood and finding cruelty.

PTSD strips you of your memories and replaces your childhood with blurred vision, and sometimes the only thing my brain can focus on is my ‘mistakes’.

Kindness is not dredging up my past just to judge it. Kindness is not comparing what I did, to what I should of done, and punishing myself with that guilt.

Loving myself, true compassion, true kindness, is loving all of myself. My light as well as my shadows.

As I process my traumas, I must remember to always be kind to my own mind.

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