What waves am I being invited to dive into?

July 12th | New Moon Solar Eclipse | What waves am I being invited to dive into?

Card pulled | Nine of pentacles | The Linestrider Tarot Deck

It’s time to dive into the waves of abundance.

I was always uncomfortable with money, the envisioned dirtiness of it would catch in my throat, and choke my words.

Unable to discuss money, I claimed that was the reason I could never ask for my worth, denying any beliefs that I felt unworthy of it.

I placed blocks around money, never having too little but never quite having enough. I was terrified of what would happen if I became ‘abundant’.

Would it change me? Would it make me a terrible person? Would ‘wealth’ draw out my shadow side, and would I become my biggest fear ‘greedy’?

Through watching those that I loved ‘change’ when fighting a battle for money, I finally realised money is not the terrible thing.

Money only magnifies what is already there. If you are already greedy, your greed will increase. However if you are kind and generous, your generosity and your ability to be generous will grow tenfold.

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