What aspect of my shadow am I being invited to embrace?

July 6th | What aspect of my shadow am I being invited to embrace?

Card pulled | Two of wands | The Linestrider Tarot Deck

I’ve been procrastinating this pull all day. Never one to fear my shadow side, but the thought of sharing whatever came up publicly stunted me.

I never considered myself marriage material, I always claimed I was not made to be a mother, I could never picture myself becoming old.

There is a reason I was never able to book trips in advance, long term plans have never felt at home in my mind, for some reason my brain could never grasp the concept of time.

I remained stagnant in my instability, with foundations cracking under each step, I would always flee into uncertainty

Mother. A concept so foreign to me for so long, I felt children were just another way for them to put me in a cage, I cursed anyone who ever implied I would one day hold the title of mother.

I found a home within his arms, a name to replace my own. In his loving my wild ways, I began to tame. With the word wife rolling off his tongue like honey, I slowly begin to consider the sweetness of a child.

With foundations sturdy beneath my feet and a life in flow, maybe it is finally time to embrace my shadow, release my fears that maybe one day I just might want to be a mum.

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