What archetype in the Tarot challenges you the most? Why?

July 20th | What archetype in the Tarot challenges you the most? Why? | The Star | The Linestrider Tarot Deck

I did not envision that the star would be the card, that would show itself as my challenger.

Desperate to speak she leaped out of the deck whilst I was shuffling, certain this was not her story to tell I placed her back in the deck. Only to intuitively pick her out in the pull.

She speaks to me of forgiveness, she shines her light on the resentment I have long held inside my body.

She reminds me that ‘victim’ is not who I am, it is a mere footnote on the large novel of my life.

Forgiving is forgetting, and forgetting means letting go. I’ve been tied in knots for so long, I forgot that my insides were once straight.

The Star is hope, and she tells me there was a reason my mother was called to bless me with her namesake. I have carried hope with me everywhere. Even on days where hope would seem impossible, the guiding light of The Star lived brightly within my middle name.

She assures me its time to completely and divinely succumb into forgiveness, it is time to release.

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