What am I ready to manifest this month?

Day 2 of the Tarot for the Wild Soul monthly tarot challenge.

July 2nd | What am I ready to manifest this month?

Card pulled | Temperance | The Linestrider Tarot Deck

This month I am ready to manifest balance.

If you’ve met me you will know I run a million miles an hour, until suddenly I stop.

Exhausted, unable to move I wrap myself in blankets, and sleep the day away.

Messages of balance and taking it slowly, have been creeping in from those who love me, and from those who heal. And yet I always struggle to accept the call of balance.

When I pulled this card today, I instantly chucked it aside. Not wanting to hear the message of moderation, I pulled again. As the Justice card revealed its self yelling balance once more, I decided to concede.

This month is the month I learn to keep one foot on solid ground, instead of succumbing into the depths of my mind.

As I often tell my clients, you cannot fill from an empty cup. And it is well and truely time I took my own advice

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