A deep truth that I am ready to embrace?

July 4th | A deep truth that I am ready to embrace?

Card pulled | Ten of Swords | The Linestrider Tarot Deck

Cycles end.

Not everyone that comes into your life, not everyone you love, not everyone that you grow with, is meant to stay.

It’s been a year of closing cycles. It’s been a year of learning that if I am not loved and adored by every person I meet, it does not make me a bad person.

I had an excessive and unyielding need to be loved. And I could sit hear and blame by childhood, blame my traumas, or my mental health. But when I strip it back to its very core, the reason I needed to be adored by everyone, is because I didn’t love myself.

The past year has changed all that. I began to learn how to love myself conditionally, and no longer accept ‘bad love’.

Through loving myself my friendship circle dwindled in size, but bloomed in unconditional love.

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