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He has been on my mind as of late.

One of the many Dan’s, the one who broke me a year ago “The Virgin”. The one who a week after my birthday recovering from Bronchitis broke up with me over comic books. (Well it wasn’t really about the comic books but that’s a story for another time) Sitting at the kitchen bench my housemate the “Domestic Goddess” is cooking me dinner Mediterranean vegetables on polenta and we are talking boys. “It was just over a year ago today that we broke up for the first time. It just makes me sad, sad and frustrated that after everything after all the promises of best friends he won’t even talk to me.” Fidgeting with my phone I try not to meet...

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My neck is covered with bruises and I’m annoyed.

Hickeys. Seriously who gives hickeys anymore? “You bruise easily.” He traces his fingers over the bruises on my neck and lightly kisses them.   “You need to be gentler.” 2 days later and here we are again wrapped up in his sheets exhausted from a night of too little sleep. Exhausted at work I play last night over in my head. What is it about Dan that leaves me wanting more?  Usually I would be bored by now. Usually I would be bored from the moment I had him in bed.  But I don’t feel quite done yet. He is the first interesting person I have had in a while.  “Do you like him?” 3 nights with the same man...

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23 is going to be the year I avoid complicated men.

And yet here I am on my 23rd birthday in bed with another Dan, this is what my 5th or 6th Dan. What is it about that name that I can’t refuse? Uncomplicated men I said. A man who has only separated from his wife 3 weeks ago was not quite what I had in mind. There are no walls. Giving his affection freely he has no shame in wrapping me up in his arms, and whispering secrets into my ear as I attempt to sleep. He is yet to learn that those moments aren’t usually shared with someone you met only a few hours earlier. He’s not my type but none of them are. There is a quote by...

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