My neck is covered with bruises and I’m annoyed.

Hickeys. Seriously who gives hickeys anymore?

“You bruise easily.” He traces his fingers over the bruises on my neck and lightly kisses them.  

“You need to be gentler.”

2 days later and here we are again wrapped up in his sheets exhausted from a night of too little sleep.

Exhausted at work I play last night over in my head. What is it about Dan that leaves me wanting more?  Usually I would be bored by now. Usually I would be bored from the moment I had him in bed.  But I don’t feel quite done yet. He is the first interesting person I have had in a while.

 “Do you like him?” 3 nights with the same man and already each of my close friends have asked me this question. I guess they are not used me to spending so much time with one man so close together.

“No I don’t.  We just get along really well and he is fantastic in bed, as in stopped-breathing-thought-I-was having-a-heart-attack good in bed. And well it’s just nice to do the whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing with someone I can actually consider a friend.”

I don’t want him, I don’t like him. Well not in that way. I can quite happily lie there next to him and discuss other girls give him advice on how to play the game. We talk till 3:30am I’m used to his whispers now; the way he holds me and fills me up with stories of his life. I find myself letting my own secrets come flooding out in whispers as I continue to trace my fingers along his body.

He is an army boy, trained to read people to draw them out and I fall for every trick.

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