love does not replace love

you cannot unlearn those memories
by replacing them with thoughts of someone new

Are you haunting yourself with the ghosts of your past love? Rushing to replace the memories of their touch, with the feelings of someone new? ⁣⁣
Rushing into love, to rush out of it. I spent years filling my bed, attempting to soothe the heartache left behind by other men.⁣⁣
Continually discovering the residue love left behind after the relationships end. Finding the remnants of old love in unguarded moments, unable to unstore their coffee orders and favourite songs from my mind. ⁣⁣
I came to learn love never really leaves. We can not replace the love we once had for one soul, with another. ⁣⁣
Instead of haunting myself with the ghosts of past loves, I took time to honour the lessons and connections each soul brought. ⁣⁣
Understanding we hold the capacity to love in many forms, resisting the urge to ‘replace’, acknowledging the ability to transform.

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