Be gentle

Be gentle on yourself through your healing process. Remember this journey will ebb and flow, healing is not linear, it cannot be confined to steps on a checklist.

Your healing journey is exactly that, YOURS.

Stop glancing your gaze to the side, stop getting caught up in others steps, TRUST in the divine timing. Trust that your own healing will take place just as it needs to, for you.

Healing is not all light and love, we grow through our shadows, and sometimes we ache with growing pains. But this is all an experience my love, I promise you your aches will ease, and your waters will tame.

It will come, in divine time.


Today was my sisters birthday, she passed away almost two years ago now.

And I’m sharing this with you because today, I could not see around my grief.

I breathed, I meditated, I grounded, I pulled cards, and yet I couldn’t get my mind around it.

‘Old’ me would have wallowed, old me would have beaten myself up about my inability to see around my grief.

But as I heal, as I nurture myself, I begin to form new habits. I begin to release self judgement, and cruel thought patterns.

Today instead of burying or rushing my grief along, I allowed myself to feel it, because today that’s exactly what I needed.

For I remembered I will move through the waters of my grief as I have many times before, if I’m just gentle with myself.

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