and I wonder if the sea will call you⁣

as it has many of our blood⁣
will it be the place you find solace ⁣
the place that calls you often for play⁣

will it ground you⁣
the way it does your mother ⁣

for what comes first⁣
memories of a place⁣
or the yearning to be there ⁣

were we formed with salt and sand in our veins⁣
of was it embedded⁣
with time ⁣

and if I can leave you with anything ⁣
may it be⁣
that here ⁣
on the sand ⁣
by the sea⁣
is where you will always feel me ⁣
long after I leave this earth⁣
this will always be my home ⁣


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